Why Podcast Advertising?

Podcasts are the UK’s fastest-growing audio platform reaching 11.3 Million listeners & it’s still growing.

Brand Awareness

Podcast listeners are engaged listeners.

Podcasts offer a form of advertising that feels more intimate, more for me. This is why podcasts generate over 4X better brand recall than many other forms of advertising.

Did someone say SALES?

Yes they did. Podcast advertising means conversions with 76% of people saying that they had actively engaged with a brand heard in a podcast. Even better, over 61% of podcast listeners then bought a product they’d heard about on a podcast.

Complete Trust

Believe it or not, the average listener spends 7 hours per week tuned into UK podcasts. Building a relationship with the podcast hosts, and establishing a high level of trust, is the key to why podcast advertising has such cut through. Because the audience trusts the podcast and the host, they trust the brands advertised.

Total Recall

They’ll be back! Podcast listeners don’t skip the ads, listening to the whole show, so as not to miss out. And, they will be back for every episode. With 65% of listeners staying tuned for the entire episode and the entire series.

Podcast listeners are likely to subscribe to other premium streaming services, so are difficult to reach through traditional broadcast advertising. This makes podcasts the ideal solution.

72 Million

hours per week spent listening.

5.5 Million

podcast listeners don't listen to any other form of digital audio.

Engagement Value


93% of people who start a podcast finish it.

Spend Value


85% of advertisers plan to increase podcast spend in the next 12 months.

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