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Spotify is the most popular global audio streaming subscription service which accounts for 345M monthly active listeners, 190M of them experience Spotify advertising on their audio journey. Take control and connect your brand with people who are listening to music and podcasts tailored to specific activities and moods.


Monthly active worldwide listeners


Songs for you to target your listeners


Average monthly listening time

Effective advertising

through Spotify

Spotify offers 5 effective types of ad campaigns, for you to deliver your brand’s message.

In addition to traditional audio advertising, you can use Spotify’s podcast platform delivered by the person most trusted by listeners, the host. You can also use visual formats such as video or display advertising campaigns so your adverts sit in front of your message and can click through to a URL of your choice.

Alternatively, we can offer the premium sponsorship package where your audio and visual ads can be displayed across Spotify’s curated playlists tailored to specific activities, events, or moods that align with your campaign message.

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Next level podcast advertising

15M+ podcasts today reach nearly 1 in 4 UK listeners, who spend over 60 minutes per day listening to podcasts.

Spotify is the fastest-growing podcast platform with 86M global podcast listeners and over 2.2M podcasts on their platform. These include their exclusive popular podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Happy Hour Podcast, and Sorted with the Dyers.

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Of podcast listeners have a university or postgraduate degree


The median age of Spotify's podcast audience is 26


Of listeners are more likely to be in the top 10% of earners

Target a specific audience for your campaign

Through Spotify’s insight on demographic metrics, you can align your brand’s message to specific activities, moods, and events. Sports brand looking to sell a new pair of running shoes? Our targeted running playlists can help you fit your message exactly where it needs to be for an engaged audience.

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Grow your business with Spotify audio advertising

Reach highly engaged Spotify listeners across all devices on platforms. Targeted audio ads are served between songs during active sessions, ensuring your brand achieves 100% SOV on any device, in any environment, during any moment of the day. Target specific genres, playlists, locations, platforms at the time of day you choose.

In addition to your audio advert playing between music, your brand takes ownership of a clickable companion display unit (in the Cover Art area), letting you extend your campaign and drive traffic to a URL destination.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Web Player
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Smart TVs
  • Smart Speakers
  • In-Car Wearables
Target podcast listeners
Connect with known podcast listeners as they stream across devices, verified by Spotify’s first-party data.
Sponsor a podcast
Authentically tell your brand’s story, explaining who you are and what you do to an engaged audience of valuable podcast listeners.
Host-read ads
Similar to traditional podcast advertising, have your campaign delivered in the most trusted voice of your audience, the host.
Producer-read ads
Utilize the Spotify producers to create a producer read that’s on brand, on message, and keeping with the style of the show.

Getting a return on your investment
According to analysis from over 500 campaigns, radio pays back £7.70 in increased revenue for every pound spent – second only to TV overall, and highest in product categories where advertising is used to drive immediate results e.g. retail, finance, travel, automotive.

Increasing response online
Radio boosts online brand browsing by an average of 52%. Results are immediate, with over half of responses generated within 24 hours of hearing the ad.

Boosting awareness and consideration
Listeners are, on average, 48% more aware of companies that have been advertised on the radio and 12% more likely to consider them when buying. Reallocating a proportion of budget from other media (e.g. TV or press into radio can increase overall awareness for no extra cost.

Building relevance and trust
Radio advertised brands feel more relevant and are much more trusted by radio listeners.

Measuring radio’s effect on your business
If you are using radio either as a one-off test campaign or as part of a longer term strategy it is important to consider how you are going to measure the effects of your investment. To evaluate the success of a radio campaign based on specific business outcomes such as website visits, footfall in store, and/or sales, it is important to monitor the base level in these metrics in the weeks leading up to the activity to act as a comparison point for how they change during and post the radio advertising.

Tell your story

Deliver quality video content through Spotify-connected devices.

Engage your audience and tell your story confidently in a rich, immersive canvas on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Video allows you deliver your ads to logged-in users when they’re engaged, and the app is in view. This format has leading viewability scores compared to industry-wide benchmarks.

Your video message is served to listeners between songs during commercial ad breaks. Similar to audio ads, your brand takes ownership of a clickable companion display unit (in the Cover Art area), letting you extend your campaign and drive traffic to a URL destination.

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
Be seen

Creative marketing via the Spotify app.

Be seen across Spotify-connected devices through display advertising on the homepage, playlists, and immersive overlays. Clickable ads that drive traffic to your specified URL, with measured metrics for you to refine and rotate your ads.

Get your brand seen while users scroll through selected playlists or browse the home screen with a high-impact visual display ad on the Spotify app.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
Appropriate messaging

Align your brand with specific, tailored Spotify playlists

Sponsored Playlist allows your brand to maximize awareness by exclusively sponsoring Spotify’s top real estate: their owned and operated playlists. Connect to relevant listeners through playlists designed for specific activities and moods such as yoga, parties, running, or weddings. We can help you maximise your reach and get effective campaign results. Sponsorship is the most immersive method of delivering your message through Spotify-connected devices.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Web Player

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